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The proud members of the Percussion Marketing Council represent every facet of the Percussion Industry, sponsoring the website and all educational programs, campaigns and activities to increase the entire population's interest in drums and drumming. The products, brands and services of these members will be showcased on our blog section of the website.

As the official trade association of the Percussion Industry, these dedicated long term members continue to invest in all current and future players, seeking greater knowledge and enjoyment of all percussion instruments, through the World of Percussion.

Formed in 1995, the Percussion Marketing Council (PMC) is the percussion industry's trade organization. Its members are drum and percussion manufacturers, distributors, publishers and educational organizations which are governed by a board made up from a representative group of its members. But more than just a group of companies and a governing body, the PMC is a non-profit with a mission to actively promote the many benefits of drumming to the general public. By working together as a group of related firms in a non-competitive and cooperative manner, the PMC is creating more players and is assuring continuous development of more and new drummers.

The PMC's mission is to provide professional marketing and advertising campaigns, programs and activities that bring increased public awareness to drumming, thus increasing the number of people playing all types of drums.


A. To promote drumming as a positive experience for all individuals regardless of age, gender, musical background, economic means, education or geographic location.

B. To expand both the percussion market and demand for percussion instruments through the increased visibility of all forms of percussion.

C. To unify the percussion products industry in order to create a stronger voice in the music industry and a forum for greater communication among all companies and members.

D. To create programs and opportunities for percussion expansion by connecting retail music merchants with non-traditional music and non-music educators that can bring percussion into the schools and classrooms above and beyond traditional instrumental band and orchestra programs.


A. Public Relations Initiatives
PMC seeks to increase the public's awareness of drumming - and its enjoyment and benefits - by achieving more visibility in mainstream consumer media.

International Drum Month continues to play a dominant part of the annual PMC promotions, drawing larger audiences together in order to learn more about drumming. Now in its 23rd year, the public awareness campaign includes consumer Roadie for a Day contest enrollment, in-store celebrity artist life-size displays and national retailer postings on

B. Market Expansion Programs
The PMC has been the catalyst of the percussion industry's significant expansion over the past ten years. Much of the organization's activities and programs are focused on creating even more growth by focusing on promoting drumming to new players, rather than merely selling more drums to existing customers.

Vans Warped Tour: A collective effort with area percussion retailers to bring and host First-Free Drum Lessons various Vans Warped Tour locations, using the PMC tent and graphics.  Over 800 first-free drum lessons are given every summer to wanna-be drummers, seeking an opportunity to sit behind a drum kit, learn and start drumming for life.

Drums Across America: Bringing the First Free Drum Lesson template to any NAMM-Member retailer conducting an educational event, arts fair, summer festival or shopping mall event where DRUM LESSONS can be provided, using the PMC Lesson Lab Tent.

Percussion in the Schools: An innovative in-school concert assembly program putting elementary and middle school children in touch with drums and percussion in many cases, for the very first time. Authorized PMC professional Facilitators are available or we can explore regional experts possessing the necessary non-player teaching skills. Over twenty thousand students experience drums and drumming in some form every year through these in-school all-school special events, presentation and student performance concerts.

Drum Set in the Classroom: Based upon the decade long success of the Roots of Rhythm program, teachers, student, parents and administrators all get a chance to learn and play basic drum set “rock-beats” and rhythms of an acoustic and/or electronic drum kit. These first-time experiences behind a drum kit are life-changing and are creating more interest in drums and drumming through this classroom application and program.

Hand Drumming For Life: A new program initiative to connect drums and drumming with health-wellness medical providers and music therapy specialists. Adult participants learn from a national roster of Drum Circle Facilitators at national conferences, conventions and regional seminars, specifically directed to these health providing professionals.

C. Industry Alliance & Outreach Activities
The PMC works closely with all music and educational organizations that share a common desire to develop more players and foster a greater awareness of the benefits of music making.  Active membership and/or participation include, NAMM, The NAMM Foundation, PAS (Percussive Arts Society), MENC, RPMDA, NASMD, NAMM Music Educational Coalition, and International House of Blues Foundation.

Based in Cleveland, OH, the PMC is an international organization comprised of industry leading members representing every facet of the percussion industry manufacturing, distribution and publishing and educational festivals and alliances.

CONTACT: The Percussion Marketing Council, P.O. Box 33252 Cleveland, Ohio 44133

Telephone: 440-582-7006. Fax: 440-230-1346

Executive Committee / Advisory Board Members

Executive Committee:

1. David Jewell, Yamaha Corporation

2. Stacey Montgomery-Clark, Sabian Corporation

3. Jennifer Paisley, Alfred Music

4. Karl Dustman, Dustman & Associates Marketing Communications

Advisory Board:

Billy Cuthrell, (Progressive Music Centers) PMC Vans Warped Tour Coordinator

Brad Smith, (Hal Leonard Corporation) Special Projects Director

Dr. Craig Woodson,   (Ethnomusic Inc.) Program Director-Drum Set in the Classroom

Sarah Hagan, (The Zildjian Company)  PMC Marketing and Promotions

Scott Donnell, (Drum Workshop, Inc.)  Social Media and Website administration


MUSIC INDUSTRY: Open to all percussion/music industry manufacturers, distributors, and publishers. Join the leaders of our industry in developing and growing these exciting programs to strengthen business and create more drummers.

FRIENDS OF THE PMC brings a long-needed opportunity and answer to the many teachers, players, schools, studios, and retailers who’ve asked, “How can I get involved with the PMC and its programs?” Two new “Friends” categories have been created:

1) “Partners” level of support will be directed to colleges, universities, retail music stores, drum shops, non-percussion publications, and music/ percussion associations.

2) “Supporters” level of support will be directed to teachers, lesson studios, teaching websites, and individual players.

PMC Members are invited to attend the Annual Open Forum and Friends of the PMC meetings as may be conducted throughout the year. The PMC Annual Open Forum is held in conjunction with the January Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. Tentative plans are developing for the first Friends of the PMC meeting in conjunction with the Percussive Arts Society International Conference conducted in November of each year. These meetings provide clear information on what the organization is doing and how you can participate, benefit, and get involved in “growing the market” for NEW drummers.

If you are not already a member of PMC and want to participate in our mission to increase the drum and percussion market, contact us via the form below.

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