This September in St. Paul, Minnesota, PMC and Klash Drums helped create a whole new crop of young drummers who attended the first LET BE THERE DRUMS Festival on Harriet Island.

Drummers of all ages assembled their personal drum kits covering four football fields in size for the all-day event, registering to play along with Paul McCartney's Abby Road Medley and Aretha Franklin's Rock Solid.

Drummer celebrities attending included Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Paxton and Jay Williams. The festival was founded by Minnesota Music Hall of Fame inductee, Mick Sterling and the 30 Days Foundation to set a new Guiness Book of World Records for "the most drummers to play with the band".

Klash Drums founder and owner Jeremy Krueth invited the PMC to get involved by providing the PMC's Lesson Lab Tent and Klash Drums instructors provided free first-drum-lessons to anyone looking to start playing and learning drums.

Festival spectators of all ages became instant-drummers for the first time...through this positive educational experience of sitting behind a drum kit and learning to play basic rhythms and four-way coordination. Complimentary novelty branded products and educational materials were provided by PMC Membership firms,...and Klash Drum Shop suppliers to make this an exciting once-in-life-time opportunity.

Plans are already developing for an even large event next year. For further details, please contact: Klash Drums, Minneapolis, MN; 612-208-5716.