Vans Warped Tour


VANS WARPED TOUR – The PMC is on tour every summer bringing free drum lessons to the masses at selected Vans Warped Tour locations.PMC and local music retailers will bring the self-contained Free Drum Lesson Tent to ten cities on the popular hard rock tour. In the past, this educational project has put drumsticks and encouragement in the hands of over 60 first-time drummers during each stop of the tour where the Lesson Lab Tents take place. Local percussion retailers help staff the Lesson Labs and many drummers from performing bands will be stopping by the PMC tent to help generate excitement and awareness for the project. Each tent is fully equipped with an acoustic or an electronic drum set, including cymbals and sticks, to provide a positive and professional learning experience for all first-time players.

This summer, the PMC estimates it will provide over 700 free five-minute drum lessons during the tour. The setup is a win-win proposition for the retail outlets and participants. The goal is to create new drummers who will in turn become new customers for the local drum shop or music store operating the lesson-tent.

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