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Percussion Marketing Council Introduces Drums Across America and Friends of The PMC

February 25, 2013 – DRUMS ACROSS AMERICA builds upon the tremendous three year success of the PMC First Free Drum Lesson Lab Tent operations at select Vans Warped Tour summer venues by increasing the Lesson Lab Tent activities through the entire calendar year. The PMC will partner with two or more retailers per month that seek to work with the PMC on this ground-breaking program creating more players, developing more customers and signing up more drum lessons than ever before.

Friends of the PMC RETAILER Members qualify for this free of charge PMC Lesson Lab Tent shipped to and from their regional location to conduct the “First Free Drum Lesson” in their festival, shopping mall, school event or activity. For full program details please jump to DRUMS ACROSS AMERICA and FRIENDS OF THE PMC

International Drum Month Campaign Continues to Grow Drum Kit and Hand Percussion Market

International Drum Month Moves To May 2014!

International Drum Month is moving to the month of May . Are you ready for NEW customers? The Percussion Marketing Council continues to create new drummers for the entire industry through our innovative programs and International Drum Month, and this means NEW CUSTOMERS for every music and percussion retailer.

Here are some “Perfect 10” RETAILER TIPS that can help you cash-in on the upcoming revamped International Drum Month events:

Advertise Your Event at least one month in advance, if not longer. The more time you have to spread the word the more people will hear about your event and have time to plan to attend your event. Use posters in your shops and drop hand outs or postcards about the event in every bag when a customer makes a purchase. Send out an email news blast about the event and make sure every employee knows about the event and tells their customers, friends and family.

Use Social Media to spread the word about your event. If you are not familiar with Facebook, Twitter and all the other internet based outlets put someone in charge of updating your event listings. Ask your employees to post the event on their Facebook pages and tweet it on their Twitter feeds.

Grab Media Attention by sending emails to local papers, news stations, chamber of commerce and local publications so they can get your event on their radar.

Give Aways are a must. The giveaway does not have to be a $5,000 drum set, but a crash or china cymbal, brick of drumsticks, or month of free lessons work great.

Make Your Event Stand Out by promoting the educational value and community aspect. Maybe you are attempting to raise money for a local school band and the event proceeds will go to purchase a years supply of reeds and drum sticks for the band. You can advertise the event as Free with donations gladly accepted, or charge a small fee and hand out tickets at the door. Each ticket is eligible for the giveaways and has a face value of say $5 – $10 each. The more tickets purchased the better your customers chances of winning.

Make Your Event Stand Out Even More by doing something completely crazy. Try a dunking booth, sumo wrestler suits, donut eating contest or hot pepper eating contest, or try breaking a world record (longest single stroke roll on a snare drum or longest continual drum solo). These will make your event stand out and help grab the attention of the local media. Just make sure you have release forms holding you harmless if you try the hot pepper eating contest.

 Have An “Event-A-Thon” where you make it a 24 hour event. You might stay open 24 hours or have multiple weeks of events spread out over the course of the month. Week one can be a “Giveaway A Day Held Every Hour”  and week 2 can be clinic week where you might have a workshop or clinic a day. Events do not have to be scaled down to one day only events. Think big and out of the box.

 Make Your Staff The Star and the go to expert source for information by allowing them to hold clinics and get involved in your events through workshops or clinics in their respective fileds. Got a person that is awesome at cymbal selection or knows the entire history of drumsticks? How about an employee that does amazing refinish jobs or is an expert in vintage drums? You can build a great event around employee knowledge.

Get Manufacturer Reps Involved and in your store for your event. Reps know the product and can often answer just about any question that might come their way. Consider having a Snare Olympics where you display 100 snares and ask if the rep can bring any prototypes or one offs that are rare from the manufacturer.

Never stop promoting yourself. No one knows your business like you and no one will look out for your business like you and no one will advertise your business like you. Now get out there and let people know why you are the best!


Members of the Percussion Marketing Council include: Alfred Publishing, Clevelander Drum Company, Dream Cymbals & Gongs, Drum Business Magazine, DRUM!, Drum Channel, Ethnomusic, Inc, Evans Drumheads, Gon Bops, Gretsch Drums, Hal Leonard Corporation, Hudson Music, King Kong Kases, KoSA Educational, Modern Drummer Magazine, Music With Colors, Pearl Drums, Progressive Music Center, Pro Mark drum sticks, PureSound Percussion, Remo, Roland, Sabian, Traps Drums, Universal Percussion, Vater Percussion, Yamaha, Zildjian. 

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