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Innovative Assembly Concert Program Puts Children In Touch with Drums

The Percussion Marketing Council (PMC) has launched an educational performance program – Percussion in the Schools – that will have exciting professional percussion ensembles playing in elementary and middle schools.

“This program will introduce percussion instruments to the general student body, not just the band, orchestra, or choir,” explains Karl Dustman, PMC co-executive director. “Percussion in the Schools aims to inspire all children with the instinctual expression of rhythm.”

Through the program, Parent-Teacher Associations, Student Body Funds, Lions Clubs, fraternal organizations, and Music Performance Funds can apply to the PMC for a matching grant to host a percussion performance at a school. This matching grant system is a model already in use by the PMC, providing co-sponsorship for more than 70 in-school concert assemblies, reaching more than 30,000 students in five years.

The PMC expects to collaborate on Percussion in the Schools with percussion ensembles it has already worked with.

“Funding guest concerts is always a challenge for schools and performers. This new PMC initiative is both creating performance opportunities for professional percussionists and growing the base of youngsters who could be future drummers,” observes Dustman, who adds that Percussion in the Schools also provides an opportunity for retail music merchants to get involved with school music projects and reach out to the next generation of drummers.

The PMC has allocated budgets to co-sponsor a select number of in-school percussion performances starting this fall and continuing throughout next year. The PMC is actively seeking percussion ensembles throughout the US that are in direct contact with local school administrators and that are interested in co-sponsoring a Percussion in the Schools event. Application details can be downloaded from the PMC website –

Each in-school performance ensemble will be provided a list of in-state music retailers that are members of NAMM, the International Music Products Association, to hand out at the assembly. This will provide students and parents the information they need to take this first percussion performance to the next level. Additionally, the PMC website will list each in-school concert so retailers can learn about scheduled Percussion in the Schools performances in advance.

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To learn more, please contact the PMC at, visit, or call 440-582-7006. For information on developing a story around International Drum Month 2006, contact Honore Stockley at 315-422-4488, ext. 104.[/quote]