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A program of The Percussion Marketing Council

The PMC has created this program with the specific intent to bring percussion into a school assembly activity that includes NON-MUSIC MAKERS…as well as the traditional instrumental, vocal music students that are already involved in school music programs. By creating in-school Percussion Ensemble Concerts that include and present a broad spectrum of percussion instruments and sounds into a school environment, more students can get involved in the fun, enjoyment and benefits of playing a percussion instrument. We seek concert presentations to fit within a 55 minute to 1 1/4 hour duration, depending the time allocation of the hosting school.

It will be a PMC requirement of the performing group to actively involve the students in the concert. This can be done in a variety of ways but more that the students are involved, the more they will get a positive first-percussion-experience out of this collaboration. Do not think of this as an IN-CONCERT formal performance.

This program is designed to be offered and used in all parts of the United States. PMC receives the right to balance program offerings by geographic location in relationship to PMC matching funds that are available and specific allocations for the number of concerts presented during a given period.

The Percussion Performing Groups:
The PMC seeks to utilize the existing performing groups it has worked with in the past years under the previous program named,Be A Player. At the same time, we are seeking new alliances with groups in all parts of the country that have contacts and relationships with local elementary and middle schools that are receptive to this in-school educational activity. All professional groups must have a current Information Packet on file at the PMC headquarters office. This must contain current biographical overviews on all performers and the group, listings of pervious educational concerts, outreach activities, clinics and related. We would also request color photography of the group and video samples of previous educational presentations.

This should be sent to:
c/o Dustman & Associates Marketing Communications
P.O. Box 33252, Cleveland, Ohio 44133[/quote]

Please include a listing of potential schools that you already have direct relationships with…and could be interested in hosting this guest concert presentation in collaboration with the PMC. Include contact name, number of potential students, city and state as well as possible date for concert appearance.

Finding Hosting Schools for the program:
Each PMC approved Percussion Performing Group will be responsible for proposing and presenting this guest concert PERCUSSION IN THE SCHOOLS program to your local area schools. These can be schools that you have previously worked with years ago…or new relationships that have evolved, waiting for this opportunity. When approaching any school, please be sure to “qualify” the potential hosting school by finding out the potential number of students that could be in attendance. Also, get preliminary details of possible dates for concert appearance, contact name, complete address, telephone and e-mail address.

Once the school indicates they are interested, they are asked to complete the HOSTING SCHOOL APPLICATION form to the PMC for further development, review and approval by the PMC.

Matching Funds creates a partnership with the Hosting School:
The PMC seeks to provide these in-school concerts at a total cost of $500.00. Funding will be a collaboration of the PMC and the hosting school as a “matching funds” payment to the performing group;
$250.00 paid by the hosting school
$250.00 paid by the Percussion Marketing Council

We ask the hosting school to attach their $250.00 payment to their Hosting School Application-Request forwarded to the PMC. The payment should be made payable to the Performing Group.

Additional Earning Potential for Performing Groups:
The PMC requests the placement of the PMC BANNER, at each in-school concert presentation. This would be mailed in advance to the performing group and returned following the completion of the school presentation. A PMC BANNER FEE of $50.00 is available for each concert presentation that includes the prime placement of the PMC Banner during the concert performance.

After The In-School Concert Performance:
Follow the sequence indicated below to assure the completion of the event and to facilitate prompt payment of the entire Performance Fee ($500.000 and possible Banner Fee ($50.00)

Program Evaluation Form:
Request the hosting school contact person to complete the Program Evaluation Form and get this returned to the PMC office with photos and video footage of the concert presentation. Please mail this as a complete packet.

Performance Payment Request Form:
Performing Group completes this form and returns this directly to the PMC office with other event items and form as mentioned above.

PMC Banner Return:
Make certain to return the PMC banner using the return label that will be included when you first receive the banner prior to the school concert appearance.

Upon receipt of these components at the PMC office, immediate processing of performance and banner fees will be provided. Please make certain that all items indicated are included in ONE packet.

[quote]Questions?…we’re sure you will have some!
Please feel free to contact:

Karl Dustman, PMC Headquarters

Tom Shelley, Program Co-Administrator
Universal Percussion 1-800-282-0110

Juan Berrios, Program Co-Administrator
Meinl USA 615-227-5090
E-mail: [/quote]