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(Cleveland, OH June 15, 2003) – The Percussion Marketing Council has announced significant improvement and major expansion of its popular “Developmental Drumming” (formerly “Mommy & Me”) Early Childhood Music Program. The music participation program for young children and their parents now features upgraded information and activities for preschoolers as well as a completely new section on World Drumming for kindergarten to third graders. The new K-3 activity guide offers information on the cultures, musical history and instruments of North America, West Africa, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, India, Japan and Brazil along with representative rhythmic examples from those diverse socio-geographic areas.

According to program co-creator Jennifer Ritz of the Kaman/Latin Percussion, besides inspiring a life-long love of music making in young children, the goal of the program is to help music retailers grow their businesses by encouraging children to make music with the most natural and accessible of all musical instruments: drums.

“The Developmental Drumming program supports the shift in early childhood education from passive music listening to active music making that was begun by NAMM’s groundbreaking partnership with Sesame Street Music Works,” comments Jennifer. “In addition, while we’ve known about the professional, recreational and therapeutic aspects of drumming for some time, promoting the concept ofDevelopmental Drumming creates another opportunity for us to expand the role of music in our society. Our program emphasizes the importance of music participation in the mental, physical, emotional, social, cultural and recreational development of young children aged 2-7 and provides music dealers with the tools needed to reach parents and childcare professionals. When parents believe in the benefits of music making for their children, they are more likely to provide musical instruments for them.”

The drum-oriented initiative features an assortment of materials that can be used by music retailers to promote the developmental benefits of drumming for children, including a dealer manual, activity guides, nametags, sign-up sheets, achievement certificates and a variety of promotional items such as flyers, posters, countercards, stickers and press releases. Two-Color and Black & White versions of these and other materials are offered in printed form and on CD-ROM by request from the PMC or as free downloads from the PMC website,

The activities included in the “Developmental Drumming” Early Childhood Music Program Guide can easily be adapted for classroom, group or parent-child use and can be customized to match the age, abilities and interests of the participants. The Program involves rhythmic games and exercises developed specifically for an audience that is traditionally made up of young children and their parents, siblings, relatives, educators and other appropriate childcare providers.

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