Drum Set in The Classroom


Drum Set in the Classroom dates and location for 2016 and 2017


Dec. 3 Remo Music Center, Los Angeles, CA

Dec. 10 Ethnomusic Studio, Chagrin Falls, OH

Dec.12 Springer School, Cincinnati, OH

Dec. 31 Akron First Night, Akron, OH


Jan. 17 Los Angeles Unified School District, LA, CA

Jan. 25 NAMM Educator Days, Los Angeles, CA

Feb. 3+4 Ohio Music Education Association Conference, Cleveland, OH

Feb. 25 Remo Music Center, Los Angeles, CA

Mar. 25 Remo Music Center, Los Angeles, CA

Apr. 24 Fair on the Square, Cleveland, OH

Apr. ?? Firelands Symphony Outreach, Toledo, OH

Jun. 2 Grandview Elementary, Los Angeles, CA



Drum Set in the Classroom provides training workshops and school programs for hundreds teachers each year with techniques on playing the kit in K-12 classrooms. Already reaching many thousands of students, this approach started in spring 2015 when the focus of PMC turned to drum set at the request of its members. These workshops and programs are taught by Dr. Craig Woodson, author of Roots of Rhythm and a lifelong drum set performer and teacher; he did his M.A. on Tony Williams at U.C.L.A.

One important feature of Drum Set in the Classroom is the use of smaller kits to accommodate younger players. To help with this need in workshops, PMC members have donated these ‘junior’ sets with drums from Drum Workshop, Yamaha, and Universal Percussion and cymbals from Zildjian, Sabian, and Dream. These products are now being used at several workshop locations around the U.S.

Teachers can sign up for Drum Set in the Classroom workshops by going to www.RootsofRhythm.net/upcomingworkshops.html. Sessions are typically five hours long and in some cases are a series of four Saturdays. Regular trainings are now in both Los Angeles at the Remo Music Center and in Cleveland, Ohio at the Ethnomusic Studio. Schools can host a workshop by going on to the Roots of Rhythm site and submitting the Drum Set in the Classroom Hosting Form.


Check out these pictures showing Drum Set in the Classroom in action.

drum set in the classroom

RoR teacher workshop at the Remo Music Center in North Hollywood, CA August 2015. This features the Drum Workshop donated kit, as well as Zildjian, Sabian and Dream cymbals.


drum set in the classroom special needs

A three-month Roots of Rhythm (RoR) project in Cleveland, Ohio with two non-profits, Hands That Speak Volumes (Deaf Community) and Dancing Wheels (those in wheel chair who want to dance), with teacher workshops and public perfomances. Shows Remo drums and PMC member percussion instruments.


drum set in the classroom

RoR drum circle for an entire faculty at Belvedere Middle School in Los Angeles, CA January 2016, Yamaha kits are shown along with Zildjian, Sabian and Dream cymbals, and Remo hand drums.