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Prentice Practice Pads

prentice practice pads

Mar 02 2016

Separating each pad into two pieces and adding Velcro, so they can easily come apart, allows quick and easy adjustment of the playing surface angle to suit both traditional and matched grip players. Another benefit has to do with the rubber-playing surface. It is actually embedded into the wooden surface of the pad as opposed to simply being glued on top, which provides superior sound quality and a more realistic ...


Vater Buzz Kill is Back!

Apr 09 2015

Buzz Kill [left]   Buzz Kill Extra Dry [right] Vater is pleased to announce the return of the Buzz Kill Drum and Cymbal Dampeners as well as the addition of the Buzz Kill Extra Dry. Buzz Kill is an easy to use drum/cymbal gel dampening system to control unwanted over ring and tone. If needed, each gel can be cut to achieve the desired amount of dampening whether using it ...